The “Why” of it all

Because, it’s who I am. A calling, a purpose, a reality. Something that I understood from a very young age. Something that ignites my soul.

That’s the short answer.

And, if you’re interested, here’s the long one.

Personal Passion

Having been apart of the homebuilding industry in Atlanta for over 20 years, I have been involved in the construction of more than 550 homes. As with most people following this career path, the early years were dominated with learning the technical sides of the construction process. (Structural Methodologies, Best Practices and Mass organization). As I grew, my career shifted into studying the disciplines of upper management with a strong focus on financial activities and business development. (Efficiencies, Forecasting and Measuring Gains or Losses). With the foundation of my homebuilding knowledge being fortified, my fascinations with the finer elements that contribute to making a house truly a home began to surface. Now a days, I consider myself to be a student of all types of design, especially the disciplines that go into the crafting of an exceptional dwelling. I believe that a Well Composed Homeis the culmination of a variety of different design disciplines coming together to create a home that is not only a treasure but is also enduring . In order for a home to be enduring, it has to be sustainable. In order for it to be sustainable, it has to be livable. In other words, a home needs to be comfortable, It needs to perform, It needs to be well arranged, It needs to be adaptable, It needs to provide pleasure and it needs to be enchanting. If these objectives are accomplished than the owners will treasure it and they will take care of it. If we take this holistic approach in creating a home around the homeowners needs and desires, then the owners have raised their quality of life and the home itself has extended her lifespan. This is sustainable building. This is about creating A Home That People Can Delight In. It is not just about green products or construction techniques. It is not solely about kitchen or bathroom design. It is not entirely about comprising a unified architectural theme. And, it is not just about furnishings that are in sync with the owners style of decor. It is about all of these things working as one.

This has become my pursuit in life. I love what the home represents and I strive to uncover these subtle differentiators that go into creating a True Home . Bringing aWell Composed Home to life through exceptional design is my daily objective and my Form of Art.

Thanks and All My Bests,


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